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In Memory of...

Mona Sternlicht, long-time member of the Pharmacology Community passed away in July 2009. Mona’s quiet confidence was the stabilizing force of the Sternlicht laboratory, and her genteel nature was an inspiration to all of us.


Himan Sternlicht
Himan Sternlicht, Ph.D

Himan passed away in March 2008. Trained in theoretical chemistry at Cal Tech and one of the internationally recognized founders of carbon-13 NMR spectroscopy, Hi made a mid career change to emphasize biology, joined the Faculty of Pharmacology at CWRU in 1977, and focused his keen mind on understanding microtubule assembly. Hi impressed his colleagues and his peers with his childlike curiosity and tenacious pursuit of knowledge. He will be remembered in the legacy of CWRU Pharmacology, and he will be missed!