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Charles Hoppel, M.D.


Professor Emeritus

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The main focus of the laboratory is mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation. The organization of the pathway for mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation is of particular interest as a potential site for control of the system. Mitochondrial contact sites contain the protein translocases for protein translocation into the mitochondria and the peripheral benzodiazepine receptor. We have data that support the localization of key enzymes, such as the long-chain acyl-CoA synthetase and carnitine palmitoyltransferase of fatty acid oxidation to these contact sites. We have proposed a fatty acid/carnitine shuttle through the contact sites. The characterization of this shuttle coupled with the determination of its localization within the mitochondria will be essential steps

During ischemia/reperfusion in the elderly heart there is increased myocardial damage compared to adult controls. There is a decrease in the sensitivity of carnitine palmitoyl-transferase-I to a competitive inhibitor, malonyl-CoA, without a change in the total activity under this experimental protocol. We have investigated the mitochondrial changes that occur during ischemia in the elderly rat heart. There is a decrease in the activity of complex III, ubiquinone-cytochrome c oxidoreductase, only in the interfibrillar mitochondria in the elderly heart and the activity does not change in those mitochondria located underneath the sarcolemmal membrane (subsarcolemmal mitochondria). The defect in the interfibrillar mitochondria involves the binding of cytochrome c to complex III and is not due to a decrease in the catalytic subunits. We are proposing to determine the molecular mechanisms underlining the oxidative damage to complex III and to the enzymes of fatty acid oxidation. We have recently purchased an electrospray mass spectrometer and currently are examining the determination of peptides following oxidative damage using the mass spectrometer.

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