department of pharmacology

Edward W. Yu, PhD


Professor of Pharmacology

Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Fellow, American Physical Society
Fellow, American Academy of Microbiology

Phone: 216-368-5358
Fax: 216-368-1300
W147C Wood Building


Selected Publications:

Long, F., C.-C. Su, M.T. Zimmermann, S.E. Boyken, K.R. Rajashankar, R.L. Jernigan, and E.W. Yu. 2010. Crystal structures of the CusA efflux pump suggest methionine-mediated metal transport. Nature 467:484-488. PMCID: PMC2946090

Su, C.-C., F. Long, M.T. Zimmermann, K.R. Rajashankar, R.L. Jernigan, and E.W. Yu. 2011. Crystal structure of the CusBA heavy-metal efflux complex of Escherichia coli. Nature 470:558-562. PMCID: PMC3078058

Bolla, J., S.V. Do, F. Long, L. Dai, C.-C. Su, H.-T. Lei, X. Chen, J.E. Gerkey, D.C. Murphy, K.R. Rajashankar, Q. Zhang, and E. W. Yu. 2012. Structural and functional analysis of the transcriptional regulator Rv3066 of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Nucl. Acids Res. 40:9340-9355. PMCID: PMC3467072

Delmar, J.A., C.-C. Su and E.W. Yu. 2014. Bacterial multi-drug efflux transporters. Annu. Rev. Biophys. 43:93-117. PMCID: PMC4769028

Su, C.-C., J.R. Bolla, N. Kumar, A. Radhakrishnan, F. Long, J.A. Delmar, T.-H. Chou, K.R. Rajashankar, W.M. Shafer and E.W. Yu. 2015. Structure and function of Neisseria gonorrhoeae MtrF illuminates a class of antimetabolite efflux pumps. Cell Rep. 11:61-70. PMCID: PMC4410016

Bolla, J.R., C.-C. Su, J.A. Delmar, A. Radhakrishnan, N. Kumar, T.-H. Chou, F. Long, K.R. Rajashankar and E.W. Yu. 2015. Crystal structure of the Alcanivorax borkumensis YdaH transporter reveals an unusual topology. Nature Commun. 6:6874. PMCID: PMC4410182

Kumar, N., C.-C. Su, C.-C., T.-H. Chou, A. Radhakrishnan, J.A. Delmar, K.R. Rajashankar and E.W. Yu. 2017. Crystal structures of the Burkholderia multivorans hopanoid transporter HpnN. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 114:6557-6562. PMCID: PMC5488925

Su, C.-C., L. Yin, N. Kumar, L. Dai, A. Radhakrishnan, J. R. Bolla, H.-T. Lei, T.-H. Chou, J.A. Delmar, K. R. Rajashankar, Q. Zhang, Y.-K. Shin and E. W. Yu. 2017. Structures and transport dynamics of a multidrug efflux pump in Campylobacter jejuni. Nature Commun. 8:171. PMCID: PMC5537355